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Proudly 100%   Australian Made 

Build Quality You Can Rely On

Welcome to Gecko Campers. We are proud to have earned the trust and loyalty of our customers over the years, because our products are built with quality materials and the latest technologies to meet the highest industry standards.


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Unique Australian design
creating world class exploration vehicles


World class exploration vehicles

Gecko Campers are designed by qualified engineers using the latest 3D modelling software. The unique design was developed following many years of camping experiences together with feedback from customers returning from their adventures. The camper design aims to make the most of the available area resulting in a large spacious feel with generous storage.  Gecko Campers are made in Bittern on the Mornington Peninsula.  

First class engineering

Gecko Campers are engineered in a monocouqe design. This contruction choice maximises strength, space and durability. At the same time the aluminium is lightweight to assist with minimising fuel consumption. The campers' shape reduces drag and gives greater 4WD departure angles on tight tracks.

All the main components are located at the front, low down in the camper. This places the majority of the weight between the vehicles' wheels which improves vehicle stability, safety and longevity.


Quality components

Every element of the Gecko Camper slide on is constructed with a view to maximising durability. The campers' engineered monocoque is constructed in 6062 & 5052 plate aluminium. The plate aluminium is the premium construction material for this type of application.
The top tent is constructed from Australian made Wax Converters 'Billabong' Canvas. Billabong is the highest quality, light-medium weight, blended polyester/cotton waterproof canvas tent fabric available. Billabong is a very tightly constructed fabric as it is woven from fine yarn counts.

Spacious robust interior

The Gecko Campers' interior is simple, roomy and easy to keep clean. The fridge can be accessed from under the forward seat. There is a large clothes storage locker, a comfortable bench seat and a double bed with cover that allows you to pack the camper with bed made up. A diesel heater option will keep you warm on the coldest night.


Camper Inclusions - all models 

  •  Water Tank 

  •  Auto self-priming water pump

  •  External kitchen with solid bench

  •  Large internal lounge area

  •  Seating for 4 adults

  •  Large internal bench and fridge access

  •  Clothes locker accessible from inside and out

  •  Slide out 2 burner gas stove with grill

  •  Roof rack with marine nylon skids

  •  Fuse panel and wiring with USB and 12v outlets

  •  Vented gas storage locker with 2 gas bottles included

  •  Large storage areas

  •  Self-erecting DynaProof Canvas tent

  •  Midge proof screens to all windows

  • Double Bed with cover enabling users to keep bed made when packing up

  • Dualcab model has an extra bed area over the vehicle's cabi​n


Dual Cab Gecko Camper

The Dual Cab Camper is 1800mm wide x 1800mm long at the tray, and overhangs the vehicle cabin by 600mm, 
This makes the inside area of the Dual Cab larger and makes an additional sleeping area 1800x700mm.

Storage Side of Dual Cab Camper

The storage side of the Dual Cab camper has the same layout to the Single Cab model and is just 300mm shorter. It also includes the optional shower outlet.


Kitchen Side

The kitchen side of the Dual Cab camper has the same practical layout as the Single Cab model

Setting up base camp on legs

Your Gecko Camper can be set up as a base camp on its legs leaving your vehicle free to explore, collect firewood or launch the boat. The camper can be removed from the vehicle while set up or packed up, and can also be set up or packed up while on its legs.



  •  12v/240v hot water service and shower

  •  Drop down 12v/240v 60L Engel fridge/freezer

  •  Reversing camera

  •  Kitchen room enclosure

  •  Solar options

  •  Electronics Packages including DC to DC charger, USB chargers, Lithium and AGM battery option, interior and exterior dimmable lights.

  •  High density mattress with eggshell topper

  •  Tent fly

  •  Demountable support legs for longer stays

  •  Fire extinguisher

  •  Rear awning

  •  Porta Potti

  • GVM suspension upgrades

  • HEMA maps

  • Solar panels

  • Diesel heater


Creating Great Touring Vehicles

Unbeatable Quality


Transform your vehicle from it's everyday use into a great touring vehicle in a few minutes with our easy Gecko Campers tie down system.


Robust and reliable


Industry Award for Service

Custom Aluminium Ute Trays

Robust and light

Gecko Campers is committed to providing quality products that work year after year in the toughest environments

Tray chassis and deck

Chassis mounts


Gecko Campers chassis mount
Gecko Campers toolbox

The chassis for the tray is made from a 10mm 6000 grade C section aluminium channel. This gives maximum strength for load carrying and also allows some twist under load to reduce forces being put into the vehicle's chassis. The deck of the tray is marine grade 5083 aluminium - this gives a rigid deck without corrosion.

Gecko Campers unique tray mount system uses machined body mounts engineered to reduce VHN    (vibration harshness and noise ) transmission into your vehicle. This dramatically reduces the effects of corrugated roads on your vehicle's lifespan wear and tear.

Adding a toolbox between your vehicle's cabin and Camper is easy and a great idea. Gecko Campers are only 2100mm long - this leaves 3-400mm for a toolbox. It's a good place to keep tools, spare parts, recovery equipment etc. If you set up the Camper on its legs as a base camp the toolbox stays with the vehicle keeping vital equipment at hand.

Complete Vehicle Packages

Choosing a turn key vehicle option makes a lot of sense.  We have spent many years working out what elements of a travelling package work well together to create a great expedition partner that allows for reliable and self-sufficient remote travel. Don't make the mistake of purchasing many expensive components that don't work well together.

Gecko Campers’ workshop is a registered participant in the Federal Government’s Road Certification System. We have the ability to carry out engineered second stage vehicle manufacturing upgrades in house. This includes suspension upgrades and vehicle trays.  We are also able discuss more specific requirements you have and to work towards finding a solution that will work for you and your set up.

These modifications can be done:

  • Pre registration for Federal Government recognition (recognised Australia wide) 


  • Post Registration (recognised in your state of registration - ok to drive interstate but may need to be re-certified if sold interstate)


Single Cab Package

  • Single Cab Vehicle

  • Suspension upgrade

  • Gecko Campers Aluminium Tray

  • Single Cab Camper

  • Gecko Campers gull wing toolbox

  • Gecko Campers full length under tray draw

  • Solar panel wind deflector


Dual Cab Package

  • Dual Cab Vehicle

  • Suspension upgrade

  • Gecko Campers Aluminium tray

  • Dualcab Camper

  • Gecko Campers tray draw


What They’re Saying


Peter Barber & Gecko introduced us newbies to 4WD adventures with their slide on campers. They were very flexible, full of handy hints and supported our adventures all the way. And everything they make is done onsite at their Mornington Peninsula workshop. Nothing was too hard for them. Thanks to them we have had many more adventures in the Aussie outback.

Geoff Nicholson


I love active holidays, and generally travel abroad to go cycle touring or hiking, mainly New Zealand and Europe where my extended family live. In the interest of a better work life balance, with more local holidays my wife and I began talking about cost effective ways to travel the great Aussie outdoors, and 4WD country. We were clear we didn’t want to tow anything, partly because we live in inner city Melbourne (parking is a problem and we didn’t want to pay for storage), but we wanted something nimble and easy to park when travelling.
We did lots of online research, read forums, and narrowed our search to a slide on camper. We then viewed the offerings at caravan and camping shows, engaging in extensive discussions with company owners about the nuances of their design and rationale for those. Having a background in the automotive industry helped me appreciate the practical aspects and robustness of the choices for outback travel.
We settled on a Gecko Camper for several reasons: its aluminium construction (rather than fibreglass), utilitarian design, and excellent functionality. Peter’s years of camping experience is evident in his product. He readily explained the rationale for all design elements, including why he had made different choices to other slide on campers we’d viewed.
As we were starting from scratch, we needed to buy a vehicle and get a tray built. Peter provided sound guidance about what to look for from a vehicle. He then designed and custom built us a high quality aluminium tray with plenty of storage, and accommodated the additional features we requested.
We are extremely happy with the final product (collected May 2019). The camper is easy to set up (after practice, and standing on a step stool as we are 165 cm tall) and spacious when opened. It withstood rough and cold weather on a summer trip to Tasmania, with an effective diesel heater. It’s breathtaking sleeping with all windows open looking out over the ocean, mountains and rivers. The kitchen set up is functional, and the living area great for lounging. Would we change anything? Not really, although an indoor table could have been useful during bad weather.

Michael Jennings

gecko campers

I retired in 2003 and soon thereafter purchased a LandCruiser with a roof top tent and toured around Australia for about 4-5 months each year until 2015. I purchased a Isuzu D-Max spacecab and my Gecko camper at the end of 2015. Peter the owner of Gecko Campers customised my camper, he made the tray to carry the camper, fitted the two together and did all the electrics. In other words I drove away with a complete package ready for touring. Having travelled this country extensively I had a good idea of what I wanted, which combined with Peter's own touring experiences, I now have a great touring setup. In the past four years I have travelled about 200,000 kilometres with my camper, slept in it nearly 1000 nights, and would have set it up and taken it down about 700 times. Maintenance has been minimal and apart from the canvas with a red tinge to it from the desert dirt it still looks close to new. It has been over some of the worst tracks in Australia like the Canning Stock Route, Simpson Desert, Anne Beadell Highway, Gunbarrel Highway to name a few. I have seen many slide-on campers over the years and none come even close to being as strong. There is no such thing as a perfect touring/camping setup. Every touring/camping setup has compromises and the Gecko has far fewer than most. If I base camp I take the camper off so I can use the vehicle. If I go touring for months on end I leave the legs at home to save space and weight. If I am staying in the one place for a few days and I want to drive somewhere it is not that much effort to pack up and setup when you return. Last year I purchased an e-bike which will fit in the back of the camper. This is great for exploring while getting a bit of exercise and if in a country town for doing a bit of shopping.
I could write many pages on how and why I have setup my camper and the products I have used. Peter is very knowledgeable on what products you use in your camper, but I am more than happy to share my knowledge with anyone thinking of buying a Gecko, just ask Peter and he will be more than happy to pass on my contact details. If my Gecko was stolen tomorrow I would replace it with another Gecko exactly the same as the one I have now.
Here are some photo's taken from some of my travels.
I am in a 4WD Club a another member also has a Gecko camper.

Chris Smith

Gecko Campers

Great product, easy to set up, very comfortable, lots of storage.
I had an issue with the diesel heater & contacted Peter, he was very quick to send a new unit & all is good now.
The slide on camper works for me as I need to tow a boat, it is a great camping combination.

Tony Wood


Taking the Boat

One of the great advantages of a Gecko Camper is the ability to take your boat on the adventure.                           Gecko Campers also build custom made Off Road Boat Trailers.  Some of the design and build features include:

  • Built to the shape of your individual boat

  • No rollers, no adjustable parts to come loose and break

  • HDPE Plastic skids shaped to the boat hull

  • Sealed hubs with wheel bearing buddys

  • Eye to eye suspension 

  • Extendable drawbar

  • LED lamps

  • Fully welded and Galvanize dipped or Aluminium Build

  • Heavy Duty Aluminium guards

Off road ready

HDPE Skids

Off Road Boat Trailer

Off road Boat Trailer

High ground clearance

Shaped to support individual Boat

Spare wheel is mounted on a spare hub, including studs and bearing, and can be relocated to be used as a H/Duty Jockywheel

Boating with Gecko Campers